Sandra, myself and the Ig!

One of the most OUTRAGEOUS meetings I've ever had with a rock artist  was with IGGY POP! At the time (1991, if memory serves me right)I was working at a state mental hospital/developmental Center in So.California (quite well known, until it was closed by the state in '97). I was organizing a celebration of music and culture for the hospital and had invited Iggy to perform. His manager contacted me and said it was not possible for Iggy to appear at THAT time, due to his touring schedule. However, Iggy WAS interested in arranging to do a show at a LATER date, for the patient/staff population for FREE!

MONTHS went by, with NO set date as to WHEN Iggy would come and do the show. Finally, his manager called and arranged for me and friends to come see Iggy perform in Hollywood, at The Palace. At one point, during the height of excitement at the concert, Iggy took his famous DIVE into the audience, straight at ME! Needless to say, I ducked for cover!! Afterward, me and a HUGE (almost 300 lb.) girlfriend were waiting backstage to get into a small room to talk to Iggy. Finally, I made it in! I was totally SURPRISED to find that Iggy was NOTHING like I had imagined: quite SMALL in height and slight built, with THICK glasses that made him look positively owlish in appearance! He was VERY shy, yet quite BUBBLY, smiling constantly and sitting VERY close to me the whole time! I chided him about the "danger" he put me through by taking his dive straight at me! He laughed and admitted that he "Always aims for a FAT GIRL in the audience. That way I KNOW that if I FALL I'll have something SOFT to land on!"

We talked about his well-known "stay" at The U.C.L.A. Neuropsychiatric Institute in L.A., and he LAUGHED and talked about
what it was like to be there, and ALMOST made it sound like fun! We talked about his performing at the hospital/developmental center, and AGAIN I could NOT get a specific DATE from him, but he again stated his interest. At this point, I got up to leave, then remembered my friend, who had been standing outside in the hall, waiting. I told Iggy "You HAVE to meet my friend..she's a HUGE fan of yours"! When my friend entered the room, THE LOOK on Iggy's face was truly a "Kodak Moment"! He looked positively TERRIFIED!!! My friend IMMEDIATELY could see the FEAR on his face, and stood there, like a sequoia tree, saying NOTHING! Out of desperation, I reached over and patted Iggy's leg, to try to CALM him, then realized I was patting his THIGH!!! I started LAUGHING uncontrollably, which immediately brought his MANAGER literally RUNNING into the room to see WHAT was happening! I calmly handed his manager a small camera, asking him to take a picture of the THREE of us. As my friend inched CLOSER, Iggy literally CLIMBED into my lap! I then thanked Iggy and his manager, and told them I hoped to hear from them SOON. I then THREW the door open and breezed out of the room, unaware of ANYTHING around me, after all the excitement of the day. My girlfriend exited behind me, and we joined up at the back exit of the theatre. I noticed she had this STRANGE look on her face, but said NOTHING until we had almost reached the car. She then told we WHY she had this strange look (and why it had taken her a few minutes to catch up with me). Turned out that my LAUGHTER had ALSO gained the attention of Iggy's WIFE, who had been standing right outside the door of the room, listening intently to what was going on! As I had thrown open the door (in
leaving)it had HIT her, sending her FLYING backward, where she was caught by one of the stage door guards!!! Needless to say, I NEVER did get Iggy to appear for the free concert, and when I saw him again backstage (a few years later), he acted strangely toward me: making a point to kiss/hug just about EVERYONE in the backstage crowd but ME! He would give me this curious LOOK when he thought I was not paying any attention, yet when I got near to say hi, he would literally RUN from me! Oh well!